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Roi Et Province:

          Dwelling on the banks of Bueng Phlan Chai Lake, Roi Et Province is a prosperous and bustling province in the northeastern Thailand. Its history dates back to 200 years.

          Bueng Phlan Chai is the most prominent tourist destination in Roi Et. The delightful surroundings around this large artificial lake are worth a glimpse. This park has a large walking image of Lord Buddha present in the middle of the flower garden. Bung Klua is another popular lake. Adventure lovers can enjoy different water sports in the lake while tourists can relax on the white sandy beach. Thung Kula Rong Rai is one of those rare places that testify the fact that human hard work and ability can create wonders. People of this place have transformed a dry land into a fertile and arable place.

          One of the main tourist attractions in Roi Et is the Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area. This zone is mostly covered with deciduous forest, deciduous dipterocarp forest and dry evergreen forests surrounded by sandstone mountains.  This non-hunting area is known for its sightseeing points and exclusive fauna that include wild boars, barking deer, monkeys, foxes and squirrels. Jungle trekking and overnight camping is permitted in this park. More...

Roi Et Demographic Data :

Capital: Roi Et town
Area: 8,299.4 km²
Ranked 23rd
Inhabitants: 1,256,458 (2000)
Ranked 11th
Pop. density: 151 inh./km²
Ranked 23rd
ISO 3166-2: TH-45
Governor: Phinit Phitchayakan
(since November 2006



Roi Et Tourist Attractions:

  • The Monument of Phra Khattiyawongsa
  • Roi Et National Museum
  • Somdech Phra Sirnakarinda Park Roi Et
  • Bueng Phalan Chai
  • Sa Thong Temple
  • Klang Ming Mueang Temple
  • Non Ku Castle
  • Pa Non Sawan Temple
  • Bo Phan Khan Rattanasophon
  • Ku Phra Kona
  • Thung Kula Rong Hai
  • Sea Of Isan
  • Nong Muen Than Temple
  • Literature Botanical Garden
  • Isan Buddhist Park
  • Pha Mok mi Wai Cliff


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