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Tak Province:


          Located in the northern part of Thailand, Tak Province is a travelers’ delight with a long history, pristine natural surroundings and a diverse cultural heritage. Situated on the Maenam Ping basin, this province is an exceptionally beautiful region bestowed with dense forests, spectacular waterfalls, dark caves, high mountains and ethnic hill tribes. The region used to be a strategic military location between Thailand and Burma. Today, Tak is an economically important region, and is considered as a western gateway to Myanmar.

          Tak province has several exotic places for the tourists to visit. Prominent among these are the magnificent temples, shrines and chedis of this region that are famous for their intricate woodwork and splendid sculptures. Wat Don Kaeo temple is famous for having Thailand’s biggest and beautiful Burmese-style Buddha image. Other Buddhist temples in the region include Wat Phra Boromthat that symbolizes ancient Tak Province history, Wat Chumphon Khiri and Wat Thai Wattanaram. There are numerous interesting places in Tak. Doi Muser Crops Research Station located on Thanon Thongchai Mountain, Mysterious Hill, spectacular Namtok Pha Charoen and Namtok Nang Khruan waterfalls, Bhumibol Dam on Maenam Ping River, Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and Mani Banphot Swamp are all worth a visit. Mae Sot, which is located 86 kilometers from Tak, is a famous place among shopping freaks. More...

Tak Demographic Data :

Capital: Tak (town)
Area: 16,406.6 km²
Ranked 4th
Inhabitants: 486,146 (2000)
Ranked 49th
Pop. density: 30 inh./km²
Ranked 75th
ISO 3166-2: TH-63
Governor: Chumphon Phonrak
(since November 2006)



Tak Tourist Attractions:

  • King Taksin The Great Shrine
  • Si Maharat City Pillar Shrine
  • Wat Bot Mani Si Bunrueang
  • Wat Doi Khoi Khao
  • Mani Banphot Worawihan Temple
  • Trok Ban Chin
  • Khao Tham Temple
  • Lan Sang National Park
  • King Taksin The Great National Park
  • Mae Kasa Hot Spring
  • Doi Muser Horicultural Experiment Station
  • Hill Tribe Development And Assistance Centre and Tak Plant Production Factor Service Centre
  • Amazing Hill
  • Rim Moei market
  • Phrathat Hin Kio




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