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Wat Pho In Bangkok:

Wat Pho In Bangkok
     The Wat Pho is located in Bangkok and is quite close to the Royal Grand Palace. It is also known as Wat Chetuphon. This is a must see temple while you are visiting Bangkok. More....

Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction 
Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction:
      Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city. It is 438 miles (700 kilometers) north of Bangkok and many people believe that is far better living in Chiang Mai than in Bangkok.  More....



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Buri Ram Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Buri Ram Province, regarded as the center of the ancient Khmer culture, is a serene and small northeastern province of Thailand. This region has immense historical significance dating back to Angkor period. This province is a delight to watch during the months of November to February.

          Buri Ram is an ideal place for historians. This province has numerous archaeological excavations and evidences of Khmer sites that narrate the ancient Angkor period dating back to thousand years. There are several monuments built in the marvelous Khmer style of architecture. The most featured tourist destination in Buri Ram is the Phanom Rung Historical Park. This Khmer site is situated on an extinct volcano. Visitors can hire motorbikes to go around the place. Other important Khmer sites in this region include Ku Suan Taeng, Mueang Tam Stone Sanctuary, Ban Khok Ngio Stone Sanctuary and Nong Hong Stone Sanctuary.

          The Lower Northeastern Cultural Center houses a collection of artifacts and exhibitions of local geography, history and the ancient communities of the region. The Suan Nok Bird Park, Huai Talat Reservoir, Khao Kradong Forest Park are few other prominent places.

          People in Buri Ram produce best quality silk and cotton fabrics that are highly popular among tourists. People in this region deeply respect their traditions and culture. The Khao Phanom Rung Fair held in April and the annual boat race festival held in November are a good example. Another interesting event of Buri Ram is the Issan Kite Festival held during December. international kite flying contests are held during this fair.

          Tourists can board a direct Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Buri Ram. Alternatively, visitors can also take a direct bus from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 Bus Terminal or hire a car to reach this place. Even daily trains are available to Buri Ram from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

Buri Ram Province





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