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Chai Nat Bird Park :

Chainat Travel Guide : Chai Nat Bird Park
       Chai Nat Bird Park is known to be the biggest aviary in Asia. Although the park covers an area of 375 rai, the aviary occupies an area of 26 rai. Besides providing a natural environment for the birds to flourish in, the park also has around 63 cages in different sizes to house a wide variety of birds. You can also admire man-made waterfall, a beautiful garden, snake park, wild animal park and a rabbit park. The wild animals present in the park are chital, deer, hog deer, mountain goat and Eld’s deer.  More....

Wat Thammamun Worawihan :

Chainat Travel Guide : Wat Thammamun Worawihan
      Wat Thammamun Worawihan house the Luangpho Thammachak, which is a standing image of Buddha in a posture where He is persuading relatives not to quarrel. The image has a lotus shaped base. This Buddha image is a blend of late Chiang Saen period, early Sukhothai period and Ayutthaya period. At the center of the Buddha image’s palm is a Wheel of Destiny of Dharmachakra. The sculptor who created the Buddha image tried to do so with Lakkhana Mahapurisa, also known as the Great Man with 32 marks.  More....



Chainat Travel Guide :

Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan 

        Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan is considered to one of the oldest temples from the Ayutthaya period. It is located on the banks of Chao Praya River and it is just 4 kilometers from the provincial town of Chai Nat.


        The temple has an old pagoda in the U Thong style of architecture which house old Buddha relics. These relics are highly revered by the people of Chai Nat and other neighboring provinces. Originally the pagoda was built from laterite during the Khmer era but was later renewed and renovated during the Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin eras.

        Each year a fair is held to honor the relics housed in the pagoda. The fair is held during the full moon day of the sixth lunar month. This is the time when throngs of people come to the temple to pay their respects to Buddha relics.

        In the compound of the temple, you can find the Chai Nat Muni National Museum. The museum is definitely worth a visit for all those who are interested in ancient history of Thailand. You can see the exhibits which include several different types of artifacts discovered from the town of Chai Nat, images of Lord Buddha in a variety of postures and Thai and Chinese ceramics. The museum also houses a number of votive tablets which are on display for people to see.

        You can easily reach Chai Nat and then visit Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan from Bangkok. All you need to take is a bus that is going from Bangkok to Wat Sing.

Chainat Travel Guide : Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan





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