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Phu Phra Forest Park :

  Phu Phra Forest Park :

        Phu Phra Forest Park is located in Tha Khantho district of Kalasin Province. It was originally a part of Dong Mun National Forest Reserve but now is a park in its own rights. The park is known for its thick dense forest which is home to many wild animals. In addition, the park has an impressive mountain, which has a beautiful stream and offers scenic views. Just to the back of the mountain you can find an amazing ancient Buddha image.More.


Sirindhorn Museum :

Kalasin Travel Guide : Sirindhorn Museum
        Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site is located in Sahatsakhan district of Kalasin Province. It is situated at the foothill of Phu Kum Khao in the Wat Sakkawan. The museum and the dinosaur excavation site are only accessible if you take the Kalasin - Sahatsakhan Highway for 25 kilometers. The museum is around 2 kilometers before you reach Sahatsakhan. More....



Kalasin Travel Guide :

Fa Daet Song Yang 

        Fa Daet Song Yang is located in Ban Sema in Kamalasai District of Kalasin Province. It is around 19 kilometers from the city. Many people call this ancient town Fa Daet Sung Yang or Mueang Sema because the geographical outlay of the town is like a boundary stone or a Sema.


        Fa Daet Song Yang is an ancient town which is surrounded by earthen mounds. These mounds stretch for a distance of around 5 kilometers. A moat is present in the middle of the two earthen mounds.

        Archaeological findings show that the town was inhabited since pre-historic times. However, it was only between the 8th and the 10th century, which was Dvaravati era, that the town became developed. You can see religious ruins in and around the city in abundance ranging from sandstone boundary markers to bas-relief images of Lord Buddha's life and from the Jataka Tales. Some of the relics from this site are housed at Wat Pho Chai Semaram, which is present in the city. However, there are many relics and images to admire in the ancient city of Fa Daet Song Yang.

        You can also see other ancient ruins like the chedi known as Phrathat Yakhu, which is also called Phrathat Yai. This is a largest chedi in Fa Daet Song Yang and it is made from bricks. Evidence shows that this octagonal chedi was constructed over three periods. The pedestal was built during the Dvaravati period as it evident from its square shape with staircases leading in all four directions and it is decorated with stucco. Upper pedestal was built during the Ayutthaya period and it is built right on top of the original one. It is octagonal in shape and supports an old chedi. The body and the top of the chedi were built during the Rattanakosin era. Phrathat Yakhu is surrounded by boundary stones which have bas-relief images showing the life of Lord Buddha.

        Every year in the month of May, a Rocket Festival is held at Phrathat Yakhu in Fa Daet Song Yang to pray for rain so that the village can live in peace and harmony.

Kalasin Travel Guide : Fa Daet Song Yang





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