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Fa Daet Song Yang :

Kalasin Travel Guide : Fa Daet Song Yang
        Fa Daet Song Yang is located in Ban Sema in Kamalasai District of Kalasin Province. It is around 19 kilometers from the city. Many people call this ancient town Fa Daet Sung Yang or Mueang Sema because the geographical outlay of the town is like a boundary stone or a Sema.More....


Sirindhorn Museum :

Kalasin Travel Guide : Sirindhorn Museum
        Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site is located in Sahatsakhan district of Kalasin Province. It is situated at the foothill of Phu Kum Khao in the Wat Sakkawan. The museum and the dinosaur excavation site are only accessible if you take the Kalasin - Sahatsakhan Highway for 25 kilometers. The museum is around 2 kilometers before you reach Sahatsakhan. More....



Kalasin Travel Guide :

Phu Phra Forest Park 

        Phu Phra Forest Park is located in Tha Khantho district of Kalasin Province. It was originally a part of Dong Mun National Forest Reserve but now is a park in its own rights. The park is known for its thick dense forest which is home to many wild animals. In addition, the park has an impressive mountain, which has a beautiful stream and offers scenic views. Just to the back of the mountain you can find an amazing ancient Buddha image.


        However, Phu Phra Forest Park offers many more attractions that are worth exploring. Some of these attractions are listed below:

        Pha Sawoei is a huge stone cliff which spreads across 150 to 200 meters wide. It cliff offers breathtaking view of the forest. You can also visit Tham Siam Sap, a cave in a cliff. The specialty of the cave is that it looks as though someone dug it out with the help of a spade, also known as Siam in Thai language. The other cave that is worth visiting in the forest park is the Tham Phra Rot. This cave occurred due to natural separation of the stone cliff where it is based. You need to access a walkway that is 2 meters wide and 30 meters long to get to Tham Phra Rot. Once inside the cave, you can marvel at the monks staying there and practicing dharma.

        Another cliff that the Phu Phra Forest Park offers is a 20 meters long and 6 meters deep leaning cliff known as Pha Hin Yaek. This cliff is quite popular with visitors who want a good sightseeing spot.

        However, the biggest attraction of the forest park is Tham Phra. This cave is 30 meters deep and has an entrance of around 15 meters in width. The cave houses a highly revered image of Lord Buddha. Every year during the Songkran Festival, people come to the cave and anoint the Buddha image with water to pay their respect.

Kalasin Travel Guide : Phu Phra Forest Park





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