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Fa Daet Song Yang :

Kalasin Travel Guide : Fa Daet Song Yang
        Fa Daet Song Yang is located in Ban Sema in Kamalasai District of Kalasin Province. It is around 19 kilometers from the city. Many people call this ancient town Fa Daet Sung Yang or Mueang Sema because the geographical outlay of the town is like a boundary stone or a Sema.More....


Sirindhorn Museum :

Kalasin Travel Guide : Sirindhorn Museum
        Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site is located in Sahatsakhan district of Kalasin Province. It is situated at the foothill of Phu Kum Khao in the Wat Sakkawan. The museum and the dinosaur excavation site are only accessible if you take the Kalasin - Sahatsakhan Highway for 25 kilometers. The museum is around 2 kilometers before you reach Sahatsakhan. More....



Kalasin Travel Guide :

Wat Klang 

        Wat Klang is located in Mueang Kalasin District in Kalasin Province of Thailand. It is located quite near Phraya Chaisunthon Monument. Wat Kland is surrounded by a boundary wall and inside the compound you can see the Ubosot, which is an extension of the old building.


        The Ubosot is constructed in Thai style of architecture and it decorated with gable finial (Chofa in Thai language) and crockets (Bai Raka in Thai language). The Ubosot is home to murals, which tell the story of the Vessantara Jataka. The wooden doors of the temple have carvings which tell the story of Lord Buddha's life, while the window frames depict the Jataka tales. There is a front and back door and both doors have stucco door guardians guarding the entrances. Just near the Ubosot is a pavilion which houses the most amazing image of Buddha.

        The pavilion or the Sala, as it is called in Thai language, houses a black Buddha image made from bronze. The lap width of the image is 20 inches. The image stands on a pedestal, which has an inscription in ancient Thai language that informs us that the image was built during the reign of King Khu Na Kham.

        Apart from the black Buddha image, you can also see a Buddha footprint in Wat Klang. This footprint is cast in laterite and it around 20 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is believed that footprint was built during the Lawa period. Originally the footprint was based on the banks of Lam Pao (Pao River), which is near Kaeng Samrong. However, the bank of the river started collapsing and the locals decided to transfer Lord Buddha's footprint to Wat Klang.

        Wat Klang is highly revered in the region. Whenever there is a drought in the area, the locals take the black Buddha image on a procession, and beg and pray for rain.

Kalasin Travel Guide : Wat Klang





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