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Loei Province Cultural Center :

Loei Province Cultural Center - Loei Tourist Attraction
   Located in the northeastern part of Thailand, the province of Loei is one of the most sparsely populated regions in the country better known for its abundant natural resources and rugged landscape featuring low mountains, waterfalls, fertile plains and vast tracts of open lands.More....

Phra Tha Satcha 
Phra Tha Satcha :
    Situated 520 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok, Loei is one of the most beautiful provinces of Thailand that shares borders with Laos on the north, Khon Kaen and Phetchabun province on the south, Nong Bua Lamphu, Udon Thani and Nong Khai provinces to the east and Phitsanulok province to the west.  More....



Loei Tourist Attraction :

Phu Pha Lom Forest Park

      Situated amidst the Phetchabun mountain range, the province of Loei is also dubbed as the “Land of seas of mountains”.

       Loei province has recently been included in the tourism map of Thailand primarily for its lush surroundings, pristine beauty, exotic wildlife, and glorious culture and traditions that provide a true glimpse of Thailand. One such remarkable location is the Phu Pha Lom Forest Park - Loei Tourist Attraction.

        Spread over an area of 13 square kilometers, Phu Pha Lom Forest Park is located in the Nam Suai district and is 24 kilometers away from the municipality of Loei. The entire area inside the park is covered with dense jungles and limestone mountain ranges. 

         Important attractions inside the park include several scenic spots and caves. Some of these caves such as Phu Pha Lom, Laeo and Pha Bong are considered to be highly sacred and most revered among locals. Nam Phut is a sacred well that is present inside these caves and is considered to be the abode of a mythical serpent or Naga. This well is filled with water all round the year and is believed to have an underground water passage connecting it to the Mekong River.

         Tourists preferring adventurous activities can have a remarkable time inside the park. Trekking and overnight camping are permitted. One can walk along the impressive trails present inside the jungles and get drenched enjoying the mystic surroundings and the untarnished beauty of the region. Vegetation is primarily comprised of dry dipterocarp forests that are interspersed with mixed deciduous forests. Several interesting species of flora and fauna are present inside the Phu Pha Lom Forest Park - Loei Tourist Attraction. Some important animal species present in this park include tree shrew, monitor lizards, mongoose, civets, and macaques. Also present in this park are some beautiful species of birds including mynas, coucal, dove, barbet, drongo and jungle fowl.

Phu Pha Lom Forest Park - Loei Tourist Attraction 





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