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Wat Phra Prang Sam Yot :

Lop Buri Travel Guide : Wat Phra Prang Sam Yot
      Lop Buri is a province in the central part of Thailand and it is approximately 154 kilometers north of Bangkok. It is situated on the western end of the Khorat Plateau and covers an area of 6,199 square kilometers. Many historic artifacts and pre-historic settlements have been found in this province, which was once ruled by the Khmers. More....


Wat Phra Si Maha That Lop Buri  :

Lop Buri Travel Guide : Wat Phra Si Maha That
         Lop Buri was earlier known as Lawo and it was once upon a time an important town for the Khmers, who ruled the area from 10th century until the 13th. Even today, you can find many Khmer ruins in the area. However, it was during the Ayutthaya period when Lop Buri really came to the forefront with its architecture. More....



Lop Buri Travel Guide :

Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary 

     In 1959, Sap Langka was made into a forest reserve. However, poaching, illegal logging and slash and burn farming still continued leading to the destruction of the forest. This lead to the Thai government turning Sap Langka into a wildlife sanctuary.


       Sap Langka is located in Kut Ta Phet sub-district of Lop Buri and it covers an area of 398 square kilometers. The sanctuary is a flatland, some 140-186 meters above sea level. This verdant forest is home to near-extinct animals. It is also the source for Maenam Lam Sonthi.

       Sap Langka has a lot to offer visitors who are looking to get close to nature. It has two natural trekking trails. One is a 3,200 meter trail which takes around 2.5 hours to cover. This is from Haui Prik to Tham Pha Pheung. The second trail starts from Haui Pradu and it is 1,500 meters. The second trail is fascinating as the trek starts with rafting along Tham Samui Kui and Tham Phra Nok.

       Both natural trails have many places of interest along the way. One such place is Pha Phueng Waterfall. This waterfall is there the whole year round and cascades down a steep and high cliff. You can take a steep trail through the side of the mountain and come to another part of the waterfall. Near this waterfall is Pha Phueng Cave where you can see thousands of bats dwelling. The cave is also popular for its stalagmites and stalactites.

       As Sap Langka is home to near-extinct animals, visitors are allowed only in certain areas.

Lop Buri Travel Guide : Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary





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