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Maps Of Mukdahan

Mukdahan Map

Hor Kaew Mukdahan :

  Mukdahan Travel Guide : Hor Kaew Mukdahan

         Hor Kaew Mukdahan is popularly known as Mukdahan Towers among visitors. The tower was constructed in 1996 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of King Bhumibol's accession to the throne..More....

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park :

Mukdahan Travel Guide : Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park
        Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park is blessed with lush green forest and natural beauty ranging from picturesque views from the mountain top, awe-inspiring rocks, meadows of wild flowers and the mountaintop lotus, which the locals calls Mountain of Lotus in Thai language. More....



Mukdahan Travel Guide :

Hin Thoep Rocks 

        Mukdahan is the 73rd province of Thailand and its history dates back to the late Aytthaya era, which was over 200 years ago. According to historical evidence there used to be a large community known as Ban Luang Phon Sin at Phrathat Ing Hang, which is now in Sawannakhet Province of Laos.


        The community was ruled by Chao Chan Suriyawong and it was his sone Chao Kinnari who later built a new town at the mouth of Huai Muk in 1767. The town was completed in 1770 and it was name Mukdahan, which means a moonstone or pearl.

        Initially Mukdahan was part of Udon Circle but in 1907, the Circle changed into a province and Mukdahan ended up becoming a district in Nakhon Phanom Province. In 1973, it was deemed a province and it ended up becoming the 73rd province of Thailand and 17th province of Isan.

        Mukdahan has a rich and varied history and culture. Although the climate is warm even in winter, the province has been blessed with greenery and nature thrives here. This is because it is fed by the Mekong River and many small streams. One naturally occurring  place of interest is Hin Thoep Rocks, which is a formation of superimposed rocks. The formation has occurred due to erosion caused by rain, wind, water and sun over the last 120 to 195 million years.

        Visitors who come here are taken aback by what they see. The rock formation of Hin Thoep Rocks is in different shapes; some like a jet plane, crown, crocodile, flying saucer, Chinese pavilion and conch shell. The rocks are made from mudstone, sandstone, siltstone and a 200-meter thick layer of conglomerate. Each layer of the rock has different durability depending on its composition but most rocks are brown in color.

Mukdahan Travel Guide : Hin Thoep Rocks






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