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Maps Of Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap Khiri Khan Map

Klai Kangwon Palace 
Prachuap Khiri Khan Travel Guide : Klai Kangwon Palace

        Klai Kangwon Palace was built by King Rama VII for his queen, Queen Rambai Barni. Even today the palace is still home to the current king and his queen when they visit Prachauab Khiri Khan and its neighboring provinces. When the royal family is not in residence, Klai Kangwon Palace is open to public.More....

Namtok Pa-La-U Waterfall 

     Prachuap Khiri Khan Travel Guide : Namtok Pa-La-U Waterfall
        Namtok Pa-La-U Waterfall is a 15-tiered waterfall right in the middle of a lush green verdant forest. It is located in Hua Hin District and is around 60 kilometers west of Hua Hin town. The area where the waterfall is present comes under the supervision of Kaeng Krachan National Park authorities.More....



Prachuap Khiri Khan Travel Guide :

Chong Krachok Hill 

        Prachuap Khiri Khan is located south of Bangkok and it is around 281 kilometers from the capital. When the Ayutthaya Kingdom fell, the old town was abandoned but a new town was established in 1845 under the reign of King Rama IV. Today the province is extremely popular for its pristine beaches and high craggy mountains. Many people are not aware but the province has many historical sites that are worth exploring.


        Chong Krachok Hill literally means mirror tunnel mountain in Thai language. It is so named because of a natural orifice that is present near the peak of hill and this orifice allows sunlight to penetrate through and it seems as if the sky is reflected inside the mountain. On top of the hill Thammikaram Temple, also known as Wat Khao Chong Krachok, is located. Around 395 steps lead to this temple which enshrines the footprints of Lord Buddha. Chong Krachok Hill is famous for this temple, which is highly revered by the people.

        Chong Krachok Hill should be climbed either in the morning or late afternoon. Thammikaram Temple provides a scenic view of the north and south coasts. Be prepared to be awed by the beautiful panorama of Ao Prachuap Bay. You can even access the tunnel where the sunlight penetrates and it feels like the sky has come down to earth. You can access this tunnel through the temple.

        Chong Krachok Hill is also the favorite haunt of monkeys and you need to be slightly careful of them. They can be quite demanding.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Travel Guide : Chong Krachok Hill





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