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Maps Of Roi Et

Roi Et Map

Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area :

Roi Et Travel Guide :Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area
     If you visit Roi Et, you should not miss a chance to visit Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area, which is spread over an area of 151,242 rai (6.25 rai = 1 hectare). This beautiful area is full of lush green forests growing on steep sandstone mountains. More....


The Roi Et National Museum :

Roi Et Travel Guide : The Roi Et National Museum
    The Roi Et National Museum was established in the year 1997. In 1993 Thailand's Department of Fine Arts enforced a policy to see that museums in were established in all provinces. Therefore, Dr Goh Swasdipanich took up the initiative and set up the Roi Et National Museum. More....



Roi Et Travel Guide :

Ku Phra Kona 

          Ku Phra Kona is situated in Suwannaphum District and is approximately 60 kilometers from the town of Roi Et. When enter the compound of Ku Phra Kona, you will see that a monastery is housed there, which is still in use. However, what you should be looking are the three pagodas facing north-south.


          All the three pagodas of Ku Phra Kona face east with entrances on all four sides, that is north, south, east and west. The base and the pagodas all made from sandstone. The pagoda in the center was renovated in 1928 wherein some major work was undertaken. This pagoda, or prang as it is called in Thai language, was build in tiers and each tier has niches facing all the four sides to house Buddha images. In addition, plastering work was also undertaken. In the ground floor there is vihara to house Lord Buddha's footprints. The entrance of the vihara has an imposing 6-headed snake.

          The two prangs on either sides were also renovated by the monastery but these renovations were not as extensive as the one undertaken on the center one. One of the side prangs has carvings from Ramayana. Even lintel has carvings showing Lord Narai sitting on top of Garuda. Unfortunately this lintel has now fallen to the ground but the carving is still visible. The other prang still has its lintel above the front entrance and shows a divine creature sitting with one knee folded.

          From the architecture and designs on the pagodas, archaeology experts put the date of construction of Ku Phra Kona as 11th century A.D.

Roi Et Travel Guide : Ku Phra Kona





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