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Maps Of Roi Et

Roi Et Map

Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area :

Roi Et Travel Guide :Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area
     If you visit Roi Et, you should not miss a chance to visit Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area, which is spread over an area of 151,242 rai (6.25 rai = 1 hectare). This beautiful area is full of lush green forests growing on steep sandstone mountains. More....


The Roi Et National Museum :

Roi Et Travel Guide : The Roi Et National Museum
    The Roi Et National Museum was established in the year 1997. In 1993 Thailand's Department of Fine Arts enforced a policy to see that museums in were established in all provinces. Therefore, Dr Goh Swasdipanich took up the initiative and set up the Roi Et National Museum. More....



Roi Et Travel Guide :

Phalanchai Lake  

        One of northeast Thailand's provinces is Roi Et, which was established more than 200 years ago. Once upon a time this was a large city called Saket Nakhon which had 11 city gates and 11 vassal states. It is believed that is how Roi Et got its name, which means Thousand and One, and the name was an exaggeration of number 11.


        Today Roi Et is divided into 17 district and 2 minor districts for administrative purposes and tourists keep flocking here to admire to admire ancient architecture and become knowledgeable about the history and culture of this beautiful province.

        The provincial capital is also called Roi Et, which is considered to be a very beautiful town. In the center of the town is Somdej Phra Srinakarin Park which is home to Bung Phlachai. This is a large artificial lake and is considered to be the town's most famous and well-known landmark.

        The park is filled with fragrant flowers and lush green trees giving it a very serene and peaceful feel. And Bung Phlanchai with its island and beautiful garden is a place where the people of Roi Et town and neighboring areas come to relax with their friends and family.

        In the Bung Phlanchai you can many different species of fish. You can admire the lake from the shore or hire a boat to row around the lake. In the vicinity of the lake you can find many other attractions like the revered City Pillar Shrine, a huge walking Buddha image, an artificial waterfall, an area for people to exercise and a playground to keep the children happy and busy.

Roi Et Travel Guide : Phalanchai Lake






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