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Maps Of Roi Et

Roi Et Map

Ku Phra Kona :

    Roi Et Travel Guide : Ku Phra Kona
    Ku Phra Kona is situated in Suwannaphum District and is approximately 60 kilometers from the town of Roi Et. When enter the compound of Ku Phra Kona, you will see that a monastery is housed there, which is still in use. However, what you should be looking are the three pagodas facing north-south. More....


The Roi Et National Museum :

Roi Et Travel Guide : The Roi Et National Museum
    The Roi Et National Museum was established in the year 1997. In 1993 Thailand's Department of Fine Arts enforced a policy to see that museums in were established in all provinces. Therefore, Dr Goh Swasdipanich took up the initiative and set up the Roi Et National Museum. More....



Roi Et Travel Guide :

Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area  

        Roi Et Province was established more than 200 years ago and is located in northeastern Thailand. It is believed that Roi Et was established as the town of Saket Nakhon towards the end of Ayutthaya era. However, it was only during the Thon Buri era that the town was moved to its present location.


        According to archaeological evidences and discoveries made from the region, it has come out that the province was inhabited since pre-historic times. In addition, historical evidence shows that Roi Et was once upon a time a part of ancient Khmer Kingdom. Besides historical ruins, Roi Et is lush with natural wonders.

        If you visit Roi Et, you should not miss a chance to visit Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area, which is spread over an area of 151,242 rai (6.25 rai = 1 hectare). This beautiful area is full of lush green forests growing on steep sandstone mountains. The forests are home to many different kinds of wildlife, namely wild boars, foxes, squirrels, barking deer and monkeys.

        When you visit Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area, make a stop early in the morning at Pha Phu Thai, which is the best place in the area to see a sunrise, while the romantic ones can head to Pha Mok Mi Wai to hold hands and watch a spectacular sunset through cloud of mist. In fact, due to high humidity in the area, Pha Mok Mi Wai is covered with mist any time of the year. Nature lovers can take advantage of the two nature trails of 2 kilometers and 3 kilometers respectively.

        Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area has made arrangements for accommodation and those who want to be close to nature can avail the advantages offered by the camping area.

Roi Et Travel Guide :Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area





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