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Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?

Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?
   The Department of Land Transportation is an equivalent of U.S. department of Motor Vehicles. This is where you can apply for a Thai driving license. The head of office of the department of Land Transportation is located in the Chachutjak district of Bangkok.More....

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand 

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand:
   Thailand has an excellent record on employment rate with under 2% of the population unemployed. There are many great job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand.More....



Renewable Thai Work Permit Regulations:

  • Foreigners who work in Thailand for a year are eligible for renewable work permits.
  • Requests for renewable Thai work permit must be processed withing seven days.
  • Foreigner must renew their work permit before it expires. Otherwise, they may be fined up to one thousand Baht.
  • The company must paid taxes at least 5,000 Baht in the past three year per one foreigner.
  • The foreigner must pay at least 18,000 Baht of income tax the prior year.

Required Documents For Annually Renewal Permit:

  • Letter of Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Employment
  • A copy of company certificate with a list of a shareholder.
  • Audited accounts




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